Company Overview:

BitiCar is an emerging rideshare company that is creating a better platform for drivers and passengers. The intention of the company is to work with drivers to address current critical issues within the industry and implement solutions.

The funds raised with this campaign will fuel our platform's launch in Las Vegas, NV and allow us to go live putting our first drivers on the road. We will also be able to staff key management positions, establish an effective and ongoing marketing campaign, and finalize our phase-one app.

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Downloads (PDF):Address:
3960 Howard Hughes Parkway
Suite 545
Las Vegas, NV 89169
State of DE
Limited Liability Company
(Feb 12, 2018)
Total Shares Issued
Shares For Sale
Shares Sold
Share price:
Closing date:
(ends Jun 30, 2020)
Capital Raised:$1,250
Shares Sold:1,250
Remaining Time:90 days
Investor Discussion:
Darryl Oku
9 months ago

I'm having an issue completing the "Signature process". What am I doing wrong?

Darlene Arias
9 months ago

I was having the same issue, but just tried it again and it went through... yay!

Tobias RenePromoter
9 months ago

I'm glad to see that the issue has been resolved. Thank you!

Tobias RenePromoter
9 months ago

Darryl, sorry you are having issues with the final step in the process. I have contacted the website support team and they confirmed that the site was experiencing a glitch, but has since been fixed. Please try submitting again... you may have to clear your caches or log in on a different browser to avoid the same error popping up. Thank you!

Darryl Oku
9 months ago

Will do Mahalo!

James Tapken
10 days ago

Can I buy more shares until the time runs out or is it just a one time thing?

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