MeVero, Inc
Company Overview:

MeVero Inc’s mission is to empower all human beings to follow their passions. The problem we’re trying to solve is the inability of most people to unlock resources, connections & knowledge for the pursuit of their passions. According to our research, there’s a global market of 220 million people who are keen to follow their life’s calling; but lack direction. Most of them are aged 18-25.

Our company’s flagship product is the digital platform, MeVero. It is a Digital Passion Incubator—providing a one-stop shop access to a community, knowledge and services personalized for the pursuit of any passion. Think of MeVero as ‘Y-Combinator for the pursuit of any passion’.

MeVero Inc’s vision is to power a Digital Passion Economy that all human beings can plug into for growth and meaning and turn their passions into thriving livelihoods. It is our belief that the Passion Economy is poised to become a multi-billion dollar, ‘plug & play,’ global marketplace of creativity—leveraging trends in freelance work, remote collaboration/learning and the hunger for meaning in life.

Why should you invest in Mevero?

a. Unique Mission & Differentiated Product

It is the only platform in the world combining Social, Knowledge and Services to enable the effective pursuit of passions. So, it addresses a huge problem in a large market with a unique solution.

b. Product-Market fit achieved

MeVero has achieved product market fit. This is demonstrated by revenue doubling month-on-month for the last 3 months; user acquisition growing 30% m-o-m and 44% acquisition coming from organic (non-paid) sources. Retention and engagement metrics have quadrupled over the same period. This year, we’ve set up a youth program with 1000 Ambassadors across 950 campuses to build a student following. We are now ripe for deployment of capital to exponentially accelerate growth in user base and revenue.

c. Experienced Team

MeVero has been co-founded by people with deep expertise in building and scaling businesses in the Corporate world. The founders include individuals with more than 25 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Technology and Digital media. The management team includes experienced professionals from every major sphere of the technology industry.

d. Diversified Revenue Streams

We make money from a number of sources: Cloud, SaaS, advertising and commissions from third-party services.

e. Reputable Advisors

We have formed a strong Advisory Board with experienced tech industry mentors from the TiE Dallas chapter. We’ve also entered into a partnership with a UK Pop Icon—who‘s helping to promote us in that country.

Invest in us and let’s help everyone follow their passions!

Target Capital Raise = $5,000.
Maximum Capital Raise = $107,000.

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3260, Hillview Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94304
State of DE
(Apr 26, 2019)
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(ends Nov 15, 2020)
Capital Raised:$5,000
Shares Sold:10,000
Remaining Time:17 days
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