Consumer Cooperative Group, Inc
Company Overview:

Consumer Cooperative Group, a cooperative corporation, will equally allow everyone to become members and early shareholders. Once they become members/shareholders they will have an opportunity to build an equity position by investing at an affordable price into real estate projects. A Peer2Peer (P2P) network is similar to the group concept but the cooperative consolidates the P2P network internally as a separate and independent element, while the cooperative represents the financial buying power of the internal P2P (members/shareholders) network as a single accredited cooperative investor entity. By attempting to create and establish a market for this niche and under-served market, Consumer Cooperative Group will create a financial vehicle (Real Estate Investment Cooperative) that will help facilitate and apply the financial resources of this neglected and underserved market of investors, so they can and through this cooperative take advantage of investments in real estate acquisitions and other financial opportunities collectively, independently, and equitably.

The objective is to market to all investor types and at the same time, make it accessible and affordable to a specific member base, made up of non-accredited and accredited investor types and this will enable the cooperative to leverage the membership base by investing the affordable investment amounts in this offering from each member to acquire cash-flowing apartment buildings, single family residences and other real estate investments and services in exchange for equity in Consumer Cooperative Group, Inc.

Our goal is to move away from the traditional way of investing in real estate and other opportunities. Investment opportunities are often lost by everyday regular people because of time constraints, money, legal and governmental red-tape. Non-accredited investors need a way to compete and membership within this cooperative can level the playing field by allowing individuals classified as non-accredited investors the ability to invest their financial resources as a group, rather than individually, to access investment opportunities, that they normally would not, qualify to participate in.

Target Capital Raise: $10,000.
Maximum Capital Raise: $250,000.

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5900 Balcones St
Suite 100
Austin, TX 78731
State of OR
(Jan 27, 2017)
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(ends Dec 15, 2021)
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Remaining Time:245 days
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