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CrowdsourceFunded.com facilitates a cost effective approach for Companies that want to raise capital:


  • Pursuing VC's and Angel Investors is similar in many respects to chasing rainbows.  
  • They're beautiful, alluring, intriguing and elusive.
  • Unfortunately, that's where the similarities end.
  • And the pain and frustration begins when discussions with VC's and Angels lack closure, whilst you start to realize that they know time is on their side, and future conversations serve to advance their interests but not necessarily yours if it doesn't result in a Term Sheet and a subsequent capital investment.
  • FACT: Venture Capitalists typically invest a total of $20-$30 Billion per year BUT only about 1-4% of the new Companies formed each year will ever get VC funding.
  • VC’s and Angel Investors are worth pursuing but don't mistake the access and encouragement they give with the possibility of ever getting a Term Sheet.
  • Do you want a more cost effective approach to raising capital?

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are potentially over 200 Million Americans aged 18 or older legally allowed to invest in the Private Capital Markets. 
  • Under The JOBS Act these individuals can now invest a minimum of $2,014 per year in private companies, totaling $402.8 Billion a year in potential investment capital.
  • Armed with those facts, entrepreneurs are targeting this larger pool of potential investment capital as a supplemental strategy for raising capital.
  • We support Companies and facilitate their use of the 4(a)(6) Offering Exemption as the mechanism to access the individual segment of the capital markets.
  • In our view it's the most cost effective mechanism when targeting individuals as potential investors.
  • It is also an effective first step for Companies that are contemplating an accelerated progression to a Reg A+ Offering.
  • As a new market segment it is more open to innovation with respect to the form of securities used in exchange for capital, including blockchain related coins or tokens that can be offered as investments.
  • We are an SEC Registered Funding Portal and FINRA Member Company. 
  • We provide a turnkey solution to the capital raising process from the Offering launch to the receipt and disbursement of investment dollars.
  • A cost effective approach that is also straightforward to implement.
How quickly can a Company get an Offering launched and live?

  • If a Company meets the criteria to use the 4(a)(6) Offering Exemption and is prepared it can be filed, launched and live within 48 hours.
  • Continue on and determine if your Company meets the criteria to use the 4(a)(6) Offering Exemption.
  • If your Company qualifies, Register, sign our standard Distribution Agreement and select a service level option that meets your needs.
  • We offer a Base or Priority Service. 
  • If you're ready now select our Base Service - it provides everything you need to launch, manage and close your Offering. Think of it as Self Service with phone support.
  • Access to the CrowdSourceFunded.com Registered Funding Portal, includes: 
    • Phone support. 
    • Use of our proprietary Offering Wizard that enables a Company to build its Offering and concurrently compile and assemble the necessary documents and disclosures required for the Form C filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (others are charging more than $2,000. just for this specific type of service).   
    • A dedicated Offering page which provides prospective investors with access to information about your Company, the Offering, and the ability to ask questions regarding the Offering online, as well as entering the order to invest. 
    • We administrate an Escrow Account from the “set-up” through the activation, which automates the investor subscription and payment collection process straight through to the disbursement of closed escrow monies directly to your Company's bank account. 
  • If you have questions and need guidance and advice to prepare for your impending Offering select our Priority Service - it includes everything in the Base Service plus unlimited access to a specialized Investment Banking professional. 
    • Think of this service as your dedicated resource for essential Investment Banking guidance and advice. 
    • A trusted source of objective guidance you can use and advice you will value. 


Why should I raise funds on this site?
  • Crowdsource Funded is a Registered Funding Portal and FINRA Member.
  • As such we are qualified under Title III of The JOBS Act to facilitate your company's Offering of securities.
  • Our Offering Wizard contains automated Investment banking tools that will save you time and money preparing to file with the SEC and launch your Offering.
  • We have established a straightforward 7 Step process to facilitate launching, conducting and closing your Security Offering; 
    • Step 1 - Proceed and determine if your company is qualified
    • Step 2 - Sign our standard Distribution Agreement
    • Step 3 - Select the desired level of Service (Base or Priority)
    • Step 4 - Compile, assemble and prepare to file your Form C with the SEC
    • Step 5 - We will help you get filed with the SEC, we will set up and activate your Escrow Account with a Qualified Third Party Escrow Service Provider and Launch your Offering
    • Step 6 - We facilitate order gathering and monitor payment collection and Regulatory Compliance for your Offering
    • Step 7 - We will facilitate the Close of escrow and oversee the disbursement of investment money to your Company bank account
  • Solve the problem and stop waiting.
  • Take control of the funding process and take full advantage of all avenues available to raise capital for your Company.  

Is Crowdsource Funded a good fit for my Company?
If you're currently planning or in the process of raising equity, convertible debt, tokens or coins and or on an accelerated path toward a Reg A+ Offering, this is a cost effective strategy for raising capital. 

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