Raising money with CrowdSource Funded

Crowdsource Funded facilitates an innovative method to finance your Company:
  • Is raising funding for your company causing you pain and endless frustration?
  • Do you want a financing solution that provides objective feedback and by extension effective results? 
  • We offer a turnkey solution to enable innovative companies to take control of the financing process and concurrently solidify customer loyalty.
  • We facilitate implementation of the 4(a)(6) Offering Exemption (Regulation Crowdfunding) for conducting an Offering to raise funding for your Company.
  • We provide companies with 2 service levels options, a Base Service and a Priority Service. 
  • Our Base Service entitles access to the CrowdSourceFunded.com Registered Funding Portal and our proprietary Form C Wizard that will save you time and thousands of dollars getting the required documents and disclosures compiled and assembled for the required filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Our Priority Service includes everything in the Base Service plus additional Investment Banking guidance and advice if you need it or want it.

Why should I raise funds on this site?
  • Crowdsource Funded is a Registered Funding Portal.
  • As such we are qualified under Title III of The JOBS Act to facilitate your company's Offering of securities and provide valuable Investment banking tools that will save you time and money.
  • Accordingly we have established a 7 Step process to model, prepare, launch and conduct your Crowdfunding Offering; 
    • Step 1 - Sign Up and determine if your company is qualified
    • Step 2 - Sign our standard Distribution Agreement
    • Step 3 - Select the desired level of Service (Base or Priority)
    • Step 4 - Compile and assemble your Form C
    • Step 5 - Work with our specialists to activate an Escrow Account and Launch your Offering
    • Step 6 - Manage and market your Offering
    • Step 7 - Process investments and disburse funding to your Company
  • Our Base Service includes a Form C Filing Wizard that will save you time and money preparing for the necessary filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"). 
  • If needed, our optional Priority Support Service will provide you with personalized Investment Banking guidance and support that will save you time and money as you work through the SEC Filing process and go live with your Offering.
  • Regardless of whether you choose our Base or Priority Support Service we will help you set up and activate your Escrow Account so investors can transfer funds to purchase the applicable securities associated with your Offering. 
  • Take advantage of the innovations impacting the capital raising process and the associated benefits for your company.

What do I need to get started?
Continue on and first determine if your company qualifies to use the Crowdfunding Offering Exemption.  

Is Crowdsource Funded a good fit for me?
If you're currently attempting to raise capital from friends, family, angel investors or VCs, then Crowdsource Funded is probably an ideal supplemental funding strategy for your company to pursue. Continue on and see if your company qualifies.

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