Raising money with CrowdSource Funded

Crowdsource Funded delivers a better solution to help your Company raise capital:
  • If chasing VC's for capital is causing pain and frustration it's time to adopt an alternative strategy?
  • Did you know that every American can now legally invest a minimum of $2,014. per year in Private Companies formed in the U.S. and its Territories?
  • Adopt a better solution, one that expands your sources of funding and also places you in control of the funding process from start to finish? 
  • We deliver a turnkey solution that will save you time, money and expand your reach to market your Offering online and automate the process for prospective investors to gain access to information and make an investment in your Company.
  • Do the math, according to the U.S. Census Bureau there are over 200 Million Americans aged 18 or older in the U.S.
  • Each of whom can now invest a minimum of $2,014. per year. That's $402.8 Billion a year in potential investment capital.
  • Did you know that Venture Capitalists typically invest a total of $20-$30 Billion per year and only about 1% of the new Companies formed each year will ever get VC funding?
  • Why wouldn't you pursue an alternative source of capital if it is a larger pool of money and would augment the probability of your success?
  • As a Registered Funding Portal, we facilitate the process from the launch of your Offering to the receipt of investment dollars in 7 straightforward steps.
  • Companies can choose from 2 service levels options, a Base Service and a Priority Service. 
  • Our Base Service - everything you need to do it yourself- entitles full access to launch, manage and close your Offering using the CrowdSourceFunded.com Registered Funding Portal, including;
    • Our proprietary Form C Wizard that will save you time and thousands of dollars getting the required documents and disclosures compiled and assembled for the required Form C filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (others are charging $2,000. for this type of service). This also includes phone support during the pre-filing period for the required Form C filing with The Securities and Exchange Commission. 
    • A dedicated Offering page that provides prospective investors with access to information about your Company, the Offering along with the ability to ask questions online as well as entering orders to invest, 
    • An Escrow Account set up and activated for your Company's benefit to automate the investor subscription and payment collection process straight through to the disbursement of closed escrow monies directly to your Company's bank account.
  • Our Priority Service includes everything in the Base Service plus access to an actual human being with specialized Investment Banking experience for dedicated guidance, advice and coverage support if you need it or want it after your Offering is launched.

Why should I raise funds on this site?
  • Crowdsource Funded is a Registered Funding Portal and FINRA Member.
  • As such we are qualified under Title III of The JOBS Act to facilitate your company's Offering of securities.
  • As an added feature we also provide automated Investment banking tools that will save you time and money preparing to launch your Offering.
  • Since time is money we have established a 7 Step process to facilitate launching, conducting and closing your Crowdfunding Offering; 
    • Step 1 - Sign Up and determine if your company is qualified
    • Step 2 - Sign our standard Distribution Agreement
    • Step 3 - Select the desired level of Service (Base or Priority)
    • Step 4 - Compile, assemble and separately file your Form C
    • Step 5 - We will help you get filed with The Securities and Exchange Commission, set up and activate your Escrow Account with a Qualified Third Party Escrow Service Provider and Launch your Offering
    • Step 6 - You market and we facilitate order gathering and monitor payment collection for your Offering
    • Step 7 - We will facilitate the Close of escrow and oversee the disbursement of investment money to your Company bank account
  • Solve the problem. Take full control of the funding process and maximize all the available opportunities to obtain funding, for your Company, especially from individual sources.

What do I need to get started?
Sign up and determine if your company meets the criteria to use the 4(a)(6), Regulation Crowdfunding Offering Exemption.  

Is Crowdsource Funded a good fit for my Company?
If you're currently planning or in the process of raising debt, equity or convertible equity from friends, family, angel investors or Venture Capitalists, then this is an efficient way to maximize the effort. 

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