About Us

The five founding members of Crowdsourcefunded.com combined, have over 120 years of experience, in Investment Banking and the U.S. Capital Markets. Our founders have a long history of advocating for and effecting change for the benefit of individual investors on Wall Street.   

We commend congress for passing and President Obama for signing The Job’s Act of 2012 into Law. In particular Title III of the Job’s Act that directed the Securities and Exchange Commission to establish a rules framework to allow private companies that met specific criteria to offer equity ownership interests in their companies to individual investors. 

Consequently Individuals can for the first time legally participate in a sector of the U.S. Capital Markets that previously had been monopolized by Angel, Venture Capitalists, Institutional Investors and Wealthy Accredited Investor’s.

Our mission is twofold:

First, to apply our knowledge, skills and abilities that has been acquired over decades toward increasing the number of new companies that succeed each year and providing individuals with equal access to Private Companies as investment opportunities.

And second, to perform the duties and responsibilities as a Registered Funding Portal in an ethical, professional and a fully compliant manner.

We aspire to be a trusted source for information and a trusted facilitator of Private Company Offerings conducted under Title III of The JOBS Act.